Welcome to the Gaulby Group website.  We are the Church of England

community within the villages of Gaulby, Illston on the Hill,

Kings Norton and Little Stretton.  

It is our mission:

  • To put the kingdom of God at the heart of our community, driving all that we do.
  • To welcome into our church, regardless of race, creed, gender or ability, recognising that we are all God's children.
  • To encourage and develop the skills of our members and to encourage them to be part of the lay ministry team.
  • To encourage both church members and non-members to come together to discuss the important issues of our times, thus encouraging spiritual awareness and growth.
  • To welcome and nurture our young people and those who care for them by introducing them to Christ and making them feel part of God’s family.
  • To work alongside those with other beliefs as fellow pilgrims seeking the kingdom of God.



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